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  • Dashboard: A consolidated view of everything you own and everything you owe updated daily.
  • Account Aggregation: A consolidated view into all your accounts gives you a complete financial picture, updated in real-time.
  • Spending (only available to clients): Tracking spending habits, monitor cash flow and helping you stay on the right financial path. (Sharing your spending is turned off by default. You, and only you, can allow us to see this)
  • Budget (only available to clients): Set budgets and keep track of progress as you work to reach your savings goals.
  • Investments (only available to clients): Interactive charts and detailed summaries increase your knowledge of your financial accounts.
  • Workshops: Helping you understand the impact of your financial decisions and analyzing your goals.
  • Education: An extensive library of videos, articles and other resources to increase your financial knowledge. (The information in the knowledge library should only be used for reference, seek the knowledge of a qualified financial professional before making financial and/or investment decisions)

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